Nebulizer Mask

Item No.: K000201
Adult Elongated (XL)
Adult Standard (L)
Pediatric Elongated(M)
Pediatric Standard(S)
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Description Packing
Specially designed for aerosol therapy. The elongated masks it under the chin for comfort on a wide range of face sizes. Connector accepts 22mm tubing. Each mask is designed for patient comfort with a soft anatomical form. Barbed fittings help prevent the patient from disconnecting the mask. Elastic straps and adjustable nose clips assure a snug and comfortable fit. Available with nebulizer cup volumes of 6ml and 20ml , with 7 ft Tubing.
Size Qty/Ctn Carton(cm) Weight
Adult Elongated (XL) 100 48x38x30 9/8kgs
Adult Standard (L) 8.5/7.5kgs
Pediatric Elongated(M) 8/7kgs
Pediatric Standard(S) 7.5/6.5kgs
Neonate(XS) 7/6kgs
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